Hoian Memories - The Land of cultural Heritage

Hoi An Impression Theme Park

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Proudly a locally-made arts creation deeply embedded with Vietnamese cultural elements, a Vietnamese story told by Vietnamese people, Hoi An Memories is a unique scenery show, a key component of Hoi An Impression Theme Park.
Thanks to the great contributions of our award-winning consultancy team of national leading experts such as Historian Duong Trung Quoc, Musician Duc Thinh - Vice President of Vietnam Musicians' Association... together with the world-famous scenery show creators, we believe that Hoi An Memories will give you distinct experience, and set the trend of travelling and exploring culture in this heritage land.
Coupling thoughtful contents with a second-to-none way of expression; combining music, poetry, lighting with visual arts, choreography… in an outdoor space with the capacity of more than 3,000 seats, the largest stage ever of its kind in Vietnam, with the participation of 500 professional performers, Hoi An Memories is truly a pride of Vietnamese people about a world-class made-in-Vietnam cultural and arts product.

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